Sheryl Westerdale


Owner & Director

About Sheryl

My dream was to own a high-quality child care center. I visited a relatives Nursery School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the 1960s as a child. I was so impressed with the miniature furniture and that everything was child sized. I also noticed how happy the children were. They were learning so much and not realizing it. In 1976 I found a pilot program at Eastern Michigan in Early Childhood education. The program was preschool through 8th grade. At only 21 after completing my studies at Eastern Michigan University, Nanny’s Nursery was founded. We started here in Taylor in a church. We grew leaps and bounds and in 1985 my dream came true I was going to own a place specifically built for children like Maria Montessori’s Casa Dei Bambini. When we built the current building on Pardee it was a family project. My father and grandfather built the building. My mother and I planned and designed everything to create independence. We also wanted to give the children a home like atmosphere where everything was at the child’s level to create independence. We planned an open concept so that the children would be supervised and visible at all times indoors as well as outdoors. I was so proud to own such a quality facility for children.

This journey has been so rewarding. I am so proud to hear the accomplishments of our students. We have had valedictorians and salutatorians. Teachers have told me they can tell which children attended Nanny’s because they were so well prepared.

We have had students come back with their own children. We have had former staff members bring their children to Nanny’s. That is when I realize my dream has come true. I have achieved quality atmosphere for children.