Malyssa Green



About Malyssa

I have been at Nanny’s Nursery over 11 years now. I also continued my education at Eastern Michigan University, in Elementary Education and currently hold a Child Development Associates. My experience helped me in taking many different roles while at Nanny’s. I’ve been everything from the humble assistant to leading my own classroom. I’ve lead a class of 2 ½-3 years’ old children and also a class of 3-6 year olds. I have also been the summer camp leader since 2012.

My association with Nanny’s is very special. I attended Nanny’s when I was a little girl. My grandmother “Miss Gayle” worked at Nanny’s for close to 30 years, the owner Sheryl Westerdale and my grandmother were close friends, which in turn made Sheryl like family and Nanny’s like a home. I always strive to give my dedicated work to Nanny’s. I also try my very best to make my classroom feel like a second home to the little ones who come through Nanny’s, because they really do need a loving and caring environment to excel. We at Nanny’s strive to give children the best learning experience, not only academically, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.