Activities and Events

Field Trips

Our field trips include some of the following, pool & park, dairy farm, Heritage Park & Petting Farm, local zoo, play Atlantis, and bowling.


This year we will be swimming. Our ratio for swimming field trips is 1-6. Parents or guardians are welcome to join us as chaperones.


We want to make sure that your child is brought up as an excellent reader. For this purpose we will be reading chapter books to the children every day. This encourages them to read every day. It also helps in making their imaginations strong and help them in thinking positively.

Board Games

The older children love to play old fashioned games. We have candy land, monopoly, old maid, spoons, chess, and checkers. These games are very educational as they develop math skills, language skills, reasoning, and teamwork. These games come in handy on rainy days.


We will be playing tee ball, soccer, kickball, badminton, washer toss, capture the flag, tag games, and field day; including relay races to enhance the fitness level of your child.