Summer Day Camp

The enrollment in Nanny’s Summer Day Camp has grown

We have made three groups for children: The Red Group, Blue Group, and Yellow Group. The grouping helps to focus on every child individually for the summer day camp. The Red group will hold kindergarten through 13 years old, and the Blue group will hold preschoolers. The Yellow group will hold children 2½-years-old and up. It is beneficial for the children to be with their age group as they feel comfortable and easy to be with them.

Children develop so rapidly that a year or two makes quite a difference in maturity. We only allow children in Red groups to participate in Field trips. Other than that, to entertain other age groups special activities will be planned for them.

What to bring and wear…

We are quite active during the summer, so we ask that you dress your child comfortably and in appropriate shoes, not in flip flops. The reason for shoes is that it will keep the safe from sun rays as they have to work outdoors.

Another important thing is, we do apply sunscreen before going outdoors. We appreciate sunscreen donations because we go through sunscreen pretty quickly.

Always send a labeled water bottle for your child for hot days and for field trips.