Montessori: Sensorial

Montessori sensorial materials helps in awakening your child’s senses. In this stage they will be familiarized with mathematical concepts such as length, width, and height with the pink tower, the brown stair, and the red rods. We pick the color schemes to guide them because it will help them in remembering. They can quickly point things out if taught this way. The children will be working with the Knobbles Cylinders, The Binomial cube, and the Geometric Cabinet and Geometric Solids. While for some of these activities, the child will be asked to close their eyes or wear a blindfold to totally experience the activity like working with the Touch Boards, Thermic and Baric tablets, Sound Cylinders and the Smelling Bottles. The children will gain a concrete knowledge of their shapes and colors while also working on their visual, auditory, touch, taste and smell sense.