Montessori: Gross Motor

We provide indoor and outdoor activities for children, so they can develop their mental, as well as physical strength. Between 11:30 and 12:00 the children will have time for their gross motor development. They will play outdoors on the weather permitting equipment. Indoors, we will have Yoga, which will help develop their balance and coordination, tumbling activities, creative movement, and games. The children will be walking the line to help develop their balance. They may be asked to walk the line with a basket on their head.

Nanny’s philosophy was always to develop the whole child and help prepare the child for school. The Montessori curriculum has been proven to be outstanding and that is why we have decided to incorporate the practice. I just want to explain to parents what we will be doing and why. Your child has sensitive periods throughout their early development, when they are ready to learn certain things. These sensitive periods come at different times for different children. I have always played games with the children to develop their memory and listening skills, which are very important skills. If a child lacks good listening skills and has not developed his memory, he will not be successful in school. There are steps in the Montessori curriculum for developing your child. Working in steps helps your child in grasping the idea completely, to reinforce it in his life. Many of the practical life activities develop a child’s concentration. We will work on developing your child’s pincer grip, as well. If a child’s pincer grasp is not fully developed they will have a hard time manipulation crayons, scissors, pencils, and could become very frustrated. We want your child to excel in education.

There is a process when it comes to how a child learns. A child will not be able to recognize a C from a T or a 4 from a 9 until they can recognize blue from red, and a circle from a triangle. We are all very excited to be your partner in preparing your child for school.

We do not want to burden your child with a dozen different concepts. This is why the children who attend all day will have time for free play in the afternoon and toys will be added in the classroom after Montessori time.