Montessori Preschool


We start your child’s day with circle time at 9:00 am. During circle time, the children will get together. We will discuss the calendar and weather to enhance their interest. There will be lesson introductions, work on manners, finger- plays, songs, stories, etc. There will be an emphasis on grace and courtesy in the classroom. The children will be dismissed one at a time to choose an activity, from eating a snack to the Practical Life area or the Sensorial area. We will begin with these areas before moving on to the math, science, geography, botany, and zoology areas. Children will be given lessons in those areas when they are ready as we do not like to force anything.

Children love to experience the particular activities and explore them with their senses. The children will be presented lessons individually. Dr. Montessori discovered that children ages 3-6 are just beginning to socialize and prefer to work or play alone or alongside another child.

The children will not have access to the toys between 9:00-12:00 (Montessori Time). The children will enjoy the Practical Life and Sensorial lessons. The Montessori materials are self-correcting. We do not encourage competition in the classroom. Competition will have a negative effect on them. So we keep every child equal in the classrooms. We want the children to enjoy learning through play.

The classroom has children from 3-6. The mixed age groups will benefit the younger children because they will receive help with their lessons from an older child. When the older child teaches or helps a younger child with their lessons it reinforces the concept to the older child. It also raises the child’s self-esteem when he can share his knowledge. Red room is provided to the older children in kindergarten and up.