What to Bring

Diaper Bag


Baby Wipes

Premade Bottles

We recommend sending premade bottles with breast milk or formula labeled with the name of child and date.

Extra Change of Clothes

Toys from home

It is impossible for us to keep track of toys from home, or to be responsible for them as we have a number of kids to take care of. We ask that you do not send toys from home. We provide ample playing equipment and teach children to build a sense of sharing them with other kids.

Nanny Grams

We love to include parents in every activity regarding their children. You will receive a Nanny Gram daily with information regarding your infant & toddler’s activities. Upon arrival you will have the opportunity to fill out each section of the Nanny Gram. This provides you a way to communicate daily instructions, and special notes to our nannies. The Nanny Gram will provide you with information on how much your baby has eaten, sleep patterns, toileting issues and other important information. The sheet is yours to take home each day.

Potty Training

Nanny’s philosophy of individualized care also applies to potty training. When a toddler begins to show an interest, and has the verbal skills necessary to express their toileting needs, we work in collaboration with the child and their parents on toilet training. Our bathroom is equipped with a child size toilet and stool for the sink.

*Parents please label all belongings!