First Year Milestones


The first years of a baby’s life are very important. In these years he will learn very basic things. He will start growing some habits for himself. Also, in this year your child needs special care that could help them to grow and thrive properly. For instance, in the first month, your child starts lifting his head and tries to turn to the sounds and voices which are familiar. Then these senses gets strong as he grows bigger and bigger. In the second month the most beautiful thing happens; your child starts to smile. In the third month he may start to laugh out loud. Month four is special and asks you to be extra caring about you baby because he will start beginning teething. In the fifth month the baby uses their hands to rake toys near them and pays attention to small objects. The babies start to makes some vowels and consonants sounds in the age of six months. The baby can also hold the bottle and his first tooth may appear. So many things in just a month.

In the seventh month when the senses get stronger the child turns towards the direction of sounds and tries to imitate them. When the eighth month comes he starts to chew on objects and sits by himself. This development continues and help him growing faster. In the tenth month baby starts to grab spoon and begins to identify self in the mirror. During the last month i.e. twelfth month, the baby tries to clap hands, dances and crawls.