Infant + Toddlers Center

Nanny’s Infant + Toddler Center…

We at Nanny’s make sure to provide a safe, nurturing environment for infants, toddlers and young children from ages 6 weeks to three years old. Our certified staff closely monitors with attentiveness to each and every child and encourages the children to grow and learn through playing and exploration. You can come in anytime and see our facility. We ask you to call and make an appointment for a tour today.

Our Infant and Toddler Center has Expanded!

We have just recently expanded our Infant and Toddler Center.

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Our Philosophy

At Nanny’s our nannies are an extension of mom. We realize that the mother meets the baby’s needs best. We provide a loving, caring environment for your baby. We will do our best to follow mom’s instructions. Our curriculum for the infant and toddler program will provide opportunities for your baby to grow in all areas of development; emotional, social, intellectual, and physical… Our nannies are all trained and have a clear knowledge and understanding of early childhood development.