What to Bring

Small School Bag

Change of Clothes

Small Blanket


Parents need to send their children in comfortable clothing that allows them to play freely and actively. A change of clothing should be sent daily in the event of an accident. In weather permitting days, we allow children to play outdoors. Due to these activities, children are required to be dressed in seasonably appropriate, comfortable clothing. In cold weather, please send your child in appropriate dressing. Dress them in coats, hats, boots, etc. To prevent loss, please label these items with your child’s name. Keep safety in mind when dressing your child. We do not allow open-toed sandals or flip-flops on our playground. We recommend comfortable tennis shoes. Nanny’s will not be held responsible for clothing that is lost, damaged or stolen.


It is impossible for us to keep track of toys from home, or to be responsible for them as we have to look after so many kids. We ask that you do not send toys from home. We provide ample playing equipment and teach children to share them with others.

*Parents, please label all belongings!