Tuition & Payments

Please call us at (313) 295-7188 or send us a message to learn more about our tuition rates.


We require tuition on Friday by 6:00 pm before the week of care to be provided. When Nanny’s is closed for Holidays, tuition is due by 6:00pm on the last day of business for that particular week. Nanny’s Nursery accepts cash, check or money orders; you must wait for a receipt for cash payments.


To help parents with their fees, Nanny’s Nursery School offers a multiple child discount for families with more than one child enrolled full time. The youngest sibling pays the full tuition rate and each additional child’s tuition is discounted 10% per child. Discounts are only applicable when tuition payments are made on time. The full tuition rate, plus any additional late fees will be charged when tuition payments are late.


Nanny’s Nursery School does accept childcare subsidies from the Department of Human Services (DHS); however, parents are responsible for all payments until an authorization letter has been received. After the first billing cycle, the co-payment amount will be determined. All recipients of subsidy payments will be responsible for remaining tuition not covered by DHS. Parents are responsible for completing all required paperwork on time. Once an authorization expires, parents will be responsible for full payment of tuition under the guidelines of the enrollment agreement until a new authorization is received. Parents receiving a childcare subsidy are also required to sign a fee agreement, agreeing to be personally responsible for payment of tuition in the event they have become ineligible to receive childcare subsidies.